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Conventional tablet chlorinators use "septic only" chlorine tablets that need to be manually dropped in every 7-10 days.  Typically they run about $73 for a 10lb bucket and last for about 3 months; costing approx. $300 a year to properly chlorinate your septic system's reclaimed water.
Liquid Bleach Chlorinators (LBC) use regular household liquid bleach at about 2-4 gallons per month to disinfect the reclaimed water to NSF standards.  A LBC holds 2 gallons of bleach at a time so it only needs to be refilled once or twice a month.  This dramatically lowers the amount of time and money you need to spend on bleach for your septic system.

The LBC that we install is one of the few that are approved by the NSF, State, and local counties.  The run off the effluent pump's created suction when its running, so there are no batteries or electricity required in order for the LBC to work.  Once installed, there is a 4-inch cap a couple inches above ground level where the bleach is poured into the top of the LBC.  It is installed next to the pump tank riser or in between the two visible above ground risers.  Installation usually takes an hour or less.

Beware of other companies that offer LBCs that are cheap, they are most likely homemade, and with these you get what you pay for.  Call 281-850-0225
 for price.  Installation comes with a 1-year warranty. 


Liquid Bleach Chlorinators

Septic system repairs, upgrades and modifications are sometimes necessary.

Hopefully you never find yourself in need of unexpected repairs, but if you do we will be there to honestly inform you of what is required and get the work done for you efficiently.

All Septics installs aerobic and conventional septic systems, residential and commercial.

If you already have a design we can get you a quote quickly.  Just email us a copy of it for pricing.  If you don't already have a design we just need a little information about the property to provide you with an estimate.  We can also help you to get your design and permits done.

We stand behind our work and properly install quality parts (see Why Choose Us section for more information).  Beware of cheap bids and estimates as they may cost you more down the road...

Our estimates are based on using the best materials and equipment so that you are a happy customer for life!

​Aerobic septic inspections are usually needed for home or property purchases.


All Septics has over 23 years of experience, so you can be confident that we have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly inspect aerobic septic systems, and knowledgably advise you on the condition of the system, and if it is in need of any repairs.

Call or email us to inquire about rates and scheduling.

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