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Aerobic Septic Maintenance Contracts

septic maintenance

A septic maintenance contract is monitoring done by a licensed professional and is required by the State and local authorities for residential and commercial aerobic septic systems.  This is an effort to protect the environment you and your neighbors.  The State of Texas requires 3 inspections for year; some counties require 4 septic inspections per year.  Commercial septic systems sometimes require additional testing. 


We have a sister company, ETs Septic Maintenance, that provides licensed maintenance.  Once you sign up for an aerobic septic maintenance contract, ETs  will come out per the schedule on your contract to conduct a visual inspection of your septic system, measure the sludge level, as well as test for the pH and chlorine content to ensure that your system is working as it should.  If there are any malfunctioning parts, if the sludge level is high and needs to be pumped down, or any other findings will be noted on the report.  If anything is found to not be functioning properly we discuss that with the owner and get approval before any parts are replaced or work is done.  It is the customer's responsibility to maintain appropriate chlorine supply for systems that require chlorine and request/schedule pump outs when needed.


Remember to keep pests such as bees, wasps, ants and ant mounds controlled and away from your septic system's control panel and aerator as they can cause damage and potentially costly equipment replacement.


A copy of the maintenance report will be emailed to the owner / property manager and another copy will be submitted to the appropriate local authority. 


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