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Why you should choose All Septics for all your septic needs:​​

We don’t cut corners with cheap materials that may last a short time or break easily.  We don’t use fiberglass, plastic, or thin-walled concrete tanks.  We install thick, steel reinforced, concrete ProFlo and Aqua Aire septic tanks.

The 500 gal. and 600 gal. aerobic systems we install are all-in-one septic systems.   This is much better than separate tank systems because you won’t have to worry about one tank settling more than another messing up the natural gravity flow needed for the system work properly.  Also, on a separated tank systems the pump tank pumps out every night and if the ground is very saturated it is possible for the pump tank to float up; in certain areas with high seasonal water tables its required to tie them down with cables and 4x4s to help ensure that they don’t float up and this costs extra.  With the all-in-one system that we install you don’t have to worry about that.  The tanks we use have a 5-inch thick steel reinforced concrete lid so you don’t have to worry about it getting brittle over time or breaking under certain conditions like horses stepping through it or driving on it with small machinery like lawn mowers or tractors.  Also, the thick lid is rated to be buried much deeper than the cheaper tanks/systems that are fiberglass because it can handle much more weight.

When you call All Septics you will reach an actual installer, the owner, who can answer your questions directly, not a receptionist.  The same guy you speak to over the phone will also be the same guy that comes out to install your system.

The systems we install do not use computers, instead they work on floats and switches.  Other systems that utilize computers are sensitive to lightening strikes and power surges and those types of parts can be very expensive to replace.  The floats and switches system is very simplistic and lasts a long time; should they ever fail, they are cheaper to repair/replace than computer parts/sensors.

All of our septic tank access lids have a secondary safety lid in place to help prevent animals or small children from falling in.

All of our aerobic systems with surface application come with a liquid bleach chlorinator (LBC) that is NSF approved and county approved.  Some septic companies sell or include a LBC that is homemade and may work for a while but are just not the same.  The brand we use has been around for years and is proven to work and last.  A lot of other companies don’t include LBC in their prices, instead installing tablet chlorinators.

We strive to get installations done as quickly and as conveniently as possible, even if it means working late on occasions, so that the customer is inconvenienced as little as possible.

We have a good, professional, longstanding relationship with the local counties because we don’t cut corners and do our best to do it right the first time.

We don’t up-charge our rates just to spend a lot in print or internet advertising so our word of mouth advertising is so much more important to us.

We are a family business and our customers are #1!
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